We are very excited to beautify you for this upcoming event!

We’ve outlined the important information that we’d like everyone to read.  Please read the following information and prepare accordingly.




      Please have surfaces clean, so that we may set up our stations.

      Please make sure everyone arrives at least 1.5 hours before their indicated start time, as we often switch up the rotation, as needed, and we never want our chair to be empty. We have allowed up to 45 min. for each full service and 20-30 for each partial service, such as a BLOW DRY or JUNIOR BRIDESMAID/FLOWER GIRL. We may be running ahead of schedule and we need to work as quickly as possible to get everyone done on time. We need everyone to take responsibility and to be ready to go as soon as we are ready for you.

      Please be aware that we are on a time limit and we can only perform styles that will keep us within the time slot we have allowed. If you are late for the appointment, we will be forced to only work with as much time as we have allowed, so that everyone is ready on time. We do not offer refunds on partial services, due the client being late. For this reason, arrive early so that that everyone receives their fully booked services and is ready on time.

      Please help us to save time in the decision making process by showing us images that inspire your look for the event and make sure it’s been approved by the Bride beforehand. The Bride will want looks that blends with her style and the theme of the wedding. We will customize based on everyone’s preference and needs. However, it is our job to make sure everyone blends well and compliments that bride as best as possible.

               For inspiration, check out our INSTAGRAM + PINTEREST pages.

Also, take a look at our WEBSITE galleries.




  • All pre-booked services have been paid for by the bride, including gratuity.
  • Any additional services ADD ONS, will be approved by the bride and charged to her account on file.
  • If you would like to request an ADD ON service, we will take them on a first come, first serve basis, once all pre-booked appointments have been completed, and only if time allows
  • Lashes will be available for $10 each. If you have your own, it’s $5 for the application. Artists will have enough lashes on hand for everyone. If you have not pre-booked lashes, the can be added on on the day of.




Look Book 01 019.jpg


      Arrive with clean faces. All mascara and moisturizers removed entirely.

      Please have your brows done beforehand, if that’s your goal. We do not provide brow tweezing as part of our service.

      Stay out of the sun in the days prior to the wedding as much as possible and use SPF.  We see bad sunburns all the time and though airbrush can cover for the most part, it’s best to avoid the sun altogether.

      We prefer to not have SPF in the foundation, as it can cause the face to look white in photos. However, we can apply SPF if that is your preference. The amount of foundation we apply also acts an SPF for the face. We do recommend applying it to the body if you are concerned about being in the sun.

      If you are sensitive to certain products, please let us know in advance. You may want to bring your own products and have us use those on you to be safe if you have concerns.


      Arrive with dry, clean hair (unless they have scheduled a blow dry). If you do have a Blow Dry scheduled, make sure hair is 80% dry before we begin.

      Do not flat iron or put a lot of oil/product in the hair. To help ensure hold, we suggest putting a moderate amount of voluminizing mousse in the hair before the Blow Dry. Good brands to use are: Big Sexy- Blow Dry Mousse or L’Oreal- Volume Boosting Mousse.

      Consider the style that you want to do and how the hair would have been prepped, so that we can achieve a similar result.

      Was it blown out straight with a flat brush? Blown out with a round brush and mousse, to create high volume? Was it blown dry with a de-fuser and serum, to create natural curls? Were they beachy or with volume? If you are not sure, it may be best for you to Pre-book a BLOW DRY before your HAIR STYLING appointment, if time and availability allows.

Thank you for reserving your services. We look forward to celebrating with everyone!