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Photo courtesy of  Popsugar

Photo courtesy of Popsugar








Color Science Mineral Powder Brush Matte SPF 50

This may be one of the greatest cosmetic inventions of this century!

So, we are suppose to reapply SPF to our face every few hours. But, this is not convenient if you wear a liquid foundation. Now, each time you touch up your powder, you'll be adding an extra dose of SPF 50. 

Note: We DO recommend the product to everyone. However, we DO NOT recommend wearing this product on your wedding day or special event, if you are concerned about flashback aka "the pale white look" in photos, that mineral powders and SPF are known to cause. 

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L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Pro Perfect Airbrush 

If you are concerned about tan lines showing or just need a little bit of color, this product is easy to use and super affordable. 

If you your wedding or special event is coming up, we suggest testing it out a few times and getting the hang of it beforehand. If you are wearing light colors, make sure to shower at least 1-2 times before beforehand, to avoid any color transfer. 

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Kenra Extra Volume Mousse #17

Mousse isn't just for curly hair anymore. We recommend a small amount of volumizing mousse to almost everyone, if you are concerned about frizz or having your curls hold up in the humidity. 

If you are having a Blow Dry service done before your event, suggest to your Stylist that you'd like them to add a little mousse, to give you some extra hold and volume. 

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