TIPS + TRICKS for oily/combination skin



Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

The reality is... there is no way to remove pores or magically stop oil production, regardless of what you may have heard. Sorry people. It's the way we were born and I feel you. We CAN use specific products that with jive best with our skin type and help us reduce the disco ball look at the end of the day. 






Milk of Magensia mask

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Yes, the kind the you would normally injest, is actually a clay that can help to keep your pores tight and oil at a minimum for day. I've actually begun carrying a small bottle in my kit, so that my oily/combo skinned clients can put on the mask before I do their face.

DIRECTIONS: Apply all over with a damp piece of cotton and allow it to set for 15 minutes, just before Makeup.  Then, remove with a damp cotton ball and cleanse well. Make sure there is no white residue left if your pores.

NOTE: Doing this often can effect the PH level of your skin, so we only suggest doing it for rare special occasions and to be safe, doing a practice run a few months before a big event.

Available at: Your local drug store.





Embryolisse- Emulsion Hydra-Mat

This is a big one and it may be your #1 problem.

A few years ago, silicone primers (aka S/B) were all the rage and still are. Around that same time, S/B foundations began to show up everywhere. Don’t get us wrong, we love these products and the results that they can provide when applied appropriately, are very natural and skin-like.  However, it is very common these days for a sales person to suggest multiple products to be layered, with a silicone base. Though primers are suppose to make your makeup last much longer, layering S/B on top of S/B on Oily/Combo skin can be a recipe for disaster and cause all of these products to repel each other. 

 If you have oily/combo skin, we suggest swopping one or all of your S/B products for non S/B products to see if this improves the longevity of your makeup. 

EMBRYOLISSE- EMULSION HYDRA MAT has been my go to for the past year. It is a light weight, mattifying moisturizer, that also primes the skin. It's also probably the most common skincare line carried by celebrity Makeup Artists in there kit, as it works well with even the most sensitive of skin types.

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Nurturing Force- Blot Out Offensive

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It has all natural ingredients and your can wear it by itself or on top of your primer/moisturizer. Also great for men's faces and bare shiny heads. This product helps to keep oil production at a minimum like no other, as it essentially absorbs the oil as it's being produced. GENIUS!

Available at:



Oil free foundations

Make Up For Ever- Mat Velvet+

There are several foundations out there for oily skin and there is no "one size fits all." Try a sample of the Make Up For Ever-Mat Velvet+ and a few others, such as Nars or Becca, to see which sits on your skin the best throughout the day. 

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Urban Decay- All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

This product can be misted on at the end or applied in layers with a beauty blender. Urban Decay is my fave!

Available at:




Palladio-rice oil absorbing papers

If you don’t remove the oil and continuously re-powder, you're just going to end up caky and defeated. Opt to use oil absorbing papers before touching up with setting powder. Any brand will do, but one is a fave.

Available at:



Laura Mercier- Translucent Setting Powder

Use a lightweight translucent powder, with a clean puff, such as Laura Mercier. With these finely milled powders, you can layer several times and the foundation won’t cake up on you.

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A few more Tips: 

1. If you are having your makeup professionally done at an event, request to have your makeup done toward the end, when possible. 

2. Keep air conditioning on high and try not do move around too much, when possible. 

3. Opt for a "Dewy Look."  Go with the flow and powder your t-zone, but keep your cheeks be dewy for a Spring/Summer glow.

Was this blog informative? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts! More like this to come :-)


Sincerely, Your friend, with oily skin