The PREVIEW SESSION is very important and we want you to allow enough time to deliver the best results. Please allow no less than 30 minutes for each pre-consultation, 1.5 hour for Makeup Previews, and 1.5 hour for Hair Previews.



We request that you do not consume alcohol before or during your PREVIEW SESSION.



 Please arrive with a clean face. If that’s not possible, you can wash your face at our location.

It’s a good idea to arrive with well moisturized and exfoliated skin.

If possible, it’s best to have any beauty services that you plan to have done before your wedding day done before your Preview Session. Such as: Spray tan, Lash Extensions, etc.

We recommend wearing a top that is similar to the color of your wedding dress, so you can see how the shades will reflect against your makeup.



AIRBRUSHING, SPECIALIZED COVERAGE, AND FALSE EYELASHES are all ADD ON services. You may pre-book them. If you and your Artist decide that they’d be a good fit for you during the Preview Session, they can be added on.



 Please arrive with clean, dry hair, with very little, if any, product in it.

Please do not use a curling iron or flat iron if at all possible.



BLOW DRY is an additional service. If you need to schedule a BLOW DRY for your wedding day, we suggest booking one for your Preview Session.

If your stylist determines that it would be best for your to have a BLOW DRY done to achieve the appropriate results on your wedding day, you can request to add this to your wedding day services.

 If you plan to wear CLIP IN EXTENSIONS on your wedding day, we suggest purchasing them early and bringing them to your Preview Session.

If you plan on changing your hair color before the wedding day, consider this before purchasing extensions.

If you are looking to buy EXTENSIONS, the go to place in San Diego to Hair Unlimited in Mission Valley, where they measure and customize them just for you (allow a few days for processing). They carry CLIP IN and HALO extensions.



 We recommend that you spend some time on our PINTEREST page before your PREVIEW SESSION(S) to have some clear ideas of what inspires you, if you don’t have some picked out already. Have a minimum of 5-7 options for each Makeup or Hair look to ensure best results.

Please upload these images into your “HONEYBOOK” message feed prior to your Preview Session, if possible.



 We’d love for you to show us photos of how you normally wear your Makeup + Hair during the day and dressed up for an event, so that we can get a good idea of your personal style. Also, upload in an attachment in your “HONEYBOOK” messenger feed if possible.

Please remember to point out anything important that you want us to pay attention to, such as how much volume you like to have in your hair or how you like to fill our eyebrows in, etc. It would also be helpful if you could show us specific examples in photos of you as well.


Once you’ve picked out the looks in photos, consider what this would look like on YOU. Sometimes we love how it looks on the model, but it may not flatter us or doesn’t apply to our traits. This is very important and it will save you the headache of trying out a look that wouldn’t work best for you.

Did you also include photos of models wearing these looks with:

  1. Similar skin tone + racial background

  2. Similar face shape + eye color

  3. Similar age range

  4. Similar hair type, length, color, and density 


Address to our

Private Studio:


8583 Aero Dr. San Diego, Ca. 92123

The building is called "OLYMPUS CORSAIR" and there is GUEST PARKING just inside of the parking garage. If that section is full, there is also street parking on Sandrock Road. The building is gated, so please call when you are out front and we will come out to meet you. 

 This is a private residence, so this address is not displayed to the public on business sites such as Yelp. So, please take note of the address beforehand.

 Please call when you arrive and we’ll meet you at the front entrance: 619-377-9079

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                                 THE CONSULTATION

First, we will sit down and ask you a series of questions. We will take a look at your photos and you can tell us about all the details for your event and the vision for your look, as well as your vision for your bridesmaids/guests.

If you are unsure of which direction you want to go, we’d be glad to offer you some suggestions.

At the end, we will record the products and styles that we performed on you. We will keep photos to review before your big day.



 Colors + shades tend to appear 2 levels lighter and slightly warmer in photos. As a result, what looks like “a lot” of makeup in person, can appear “just right” in photos. What looks like “medium mauve pink” lips in person, will appear “light neutral pink” in in photos.

We suggest trying out more slightly more coverage and deeper shades than you would normally wear for the Preview Session. Then, you can see how it will translate in photos and decide afterwards if you’d like to adjust it for the day of.


Morning brides need less coverage + depth due to brighter lighting. Late afternoon brides will want a bit more coverage + depth due to dimmer lighting.


It’s a good idea to try variations of a look for both Makeup + Hair, so that you have options to look at in photos. We won’t have time to start over from scratch, but we can quickly demonstrate the changes for photos. It’s very important for you to let us know if you are feeling very torn between more than one look so that we can try them out. This is one of the reasons Preview Sessions are sometimes unsuccessful.

This could be as simple as starting with lighter makeup + adding a little more on or less volume to a little more volume for hair.

More ideas: Traditional foundation vs. Airbrush foundation. Straight eyeliner vs. Smoky eyeliner. Voluminous curls vs. Beach Waves. Updo vs. Downdo.


We want you to be honest with us, as we are here to serve you. If you’d like to adjust something or try a different look, let us know. Sometimes it seems perfect that day and next week, you decide “That eye was a bit too dramatic for me now. I’d like it toned down a bit for the day of.” or “I loved the updo, but for my ceremony I’d like to add a little more volume on top.” Make sure to take your own photos afterwards (if possible, around the same time of day that you’ll be taking photos) as the lighting effects your look.

You can email us or call to discuss changes. Otherwise, make a note in your phone to review the adjustments before we begin on your wedding day.